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The Pan African Academy is an online supplementary school offering young people a safe and welcoming space to explore the rich history and culture of the continent of Africa. Taught by a fully qualified and experienced history educator, students will benefit from an academically robust and engaging history curriculum.
Supplementary education has always been an important part of the fabric of Black British life and we hope to bridge the gap between children of the diaspora and their homeland.

Our Ethos

We wholeheartedly embrace and encourage the following values:

Integrity: A sound moral core reflected in transparent honesty is central to what we do.

Teamwork: We are a community and want to work with our students and parents to create an atmosphere where everybody thrives.

Respect: Our students, parents and teachers are all valued and deserving of respect at all times. 

Excellence: In the same way that our teachers will demonstrate excellence through the very highest quality instruction in their specialist fields, we expect our students to aim for excellence also. 

Fun: Learning is a joyful experience. It allows for mistakes, curiosity, discovery and growth. We learn, and we have fun doing so.

Our Aims

Our aim is to educate and empower future generations of proud Africans, providing young people with a comprehensive and academically rigorous education on the history of the continent. Our goal is for this education to instil in young people a deeper knowledge of self and pride in their historical and cultural backgrounds; and perhaps even a desire to go on to study and work in fields which will help in the liberation of Africa. 

Our Curriculum

Our history curriculum is thematic in design and allows students to study history through the lens of overarching themes such as "Science and Technology" and "War and Conflict".

We decided on a thematic curriculum as opposed to the traditional chronological curriculum as a thematic approach has been shown to make history teaching more meaningful, impactful, logical and appealing to students. Rather than the endless memory exercise which traditional chronological teaching can be, this style of teaching deepens understanding and allows for high level cross-examination and comparison. Topics become more relevant as the "big picture" becomes clearer and the past is brought to life in a way that is harder to do with a purely chronological approach. Of course, chronology will still be taught through each of the themes in the way in which the topics are ordered. 

Students will learn about great civilisations of the past, significant individuals and events, the impact of empire and colonialism and so much more!

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