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We understand that many history departments would welcome the opportunity to incorporate more diverse histories. However time, resources and subject knowledge have often been cited as obstacles to this.

We offer planning sessions with history/humanities departments to sit down for 2 hours and work together to produce either a 6 week unit, which can comfortably fit into your current schemes of work; or alternatively, 6 lessons which can be inserted into various current units.

We will lead the process, brainstorming various areas of history, discussing notable events and people, and providing a framework with lesson titles and objectives for 6 lessons which can logically fit into your current schemes of work. We will also provide a list of suggested reading for the selected areas and guide the department in terms of resourcing. 

These sessions can also be customised to suit your specific school needs with regards to time and focus.

Services Offered:

  • 2 hr planning session (in person)

  • 2 hr planning session (via zoom)

  • Curriculum audits

  • Resource creation sessions

  • Student talks/workshops

Please get in touch via our CONTACT page to discuss further or to be sent a brochure.

We look forward to working with you!

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